Bolder to Boulder An IHUC journey to 3rd Place at the 2011 Nationals 

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The Reason For the season

Brian Gleason IHUC Captain died in a tragic car accident on January 11 2008. IHUC honors his memory with #16 on their sleeve. His goal was to make IHUC an elite national program

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IHUC Nation

Alumni, fans, parents and supporters would prove to be loud and proud at the 2011 nationals making a true IHUC nation. But this nation is led by Ryan Nation, Team coach, former IHUC member. Brillant strategist, devoted student of the game, Club National and World Champion, coach and mentor
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Ryan named North Central Region coach of the year


Why do I huck?

Because I can.

Iowa Hawkeye Ultimate Club 

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What  is USA Ultimate?

What the heck does that mean? (see more Ultimate terms)

Bursting the Bubble on Expectations
Whose bubble is this?
 Kirk's Bubble!
Whose bubble is this?
Kirk's Bubble!
Whose bubble is this?
Kirk's Bubble!
Whose golf cart is this?
Norm's golf cart!

Iowa Winters mean indoor practice and a bubble tourney.
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Dorothy It is Kansas!

Driving through snow and arrivng to fields covered with snow?

 Call it the Free State Classic.

 Still IHUC played on going 8-0, winning a championship and a 'big check'!

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How do you get that Sexy body?

Layout D's!

Running and lifting weights may not be exciting. But the physical prepartions made IHUC ready. Whether it was running Carver's stairs or hitting the machines at Average Joe's.

 IHUC did it.

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Weekend at Bernies

Dancing with Bernie kept the IHUC team fun and relaxed as they worked their weekend magic towards Boulder

Who is Bernie?

I'll Show You my Discs if you give me some beads!

Mardi Gras was the first major tourney of the season. And it rained. We traveled 900 hundred miles to face Luther and Minnesota? 

Heartbreaking loss on universe in championship to Minnesota.

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Head East young man.
IHUC chose the Easterns to prepare for the push to nationals. Once agian we travel eleven hundred miles and we face Minnesota? Another heartbreaking loss to the Grey Ducks? Really?

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Skyd respects the North Central

The Future is Bright

Hucititis the Iowa B team grooms the future players of IHUC. The Chicago invite was freezing! And it was windy! Sunday of the tourney saw the B team go 5-0.

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Dorothy It's Kansas again!

IHUC goes 12-0 in the state of Kansas adding four more wins and another championship in the neighbourly state to the west. Fools Fest 2011.

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Play hard,!
Play fair!
Every game ends with a handshake.

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Spirit of the game

Aliens have landed

IHUC headed north up I-380 to participate in the Inaugural Western Plains Conference Championships. There a friendly alien space ship hovered overhead to view the action (Oops sorry I was just informed that's the UNI Dome.)

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Conference Champions

A narrow win on Universe point to ISUC and another to LUFDA.

What we have to play LUFDA again? Man that Eric Johnson can huck.

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Central Region Weather

Noun - cold and blustery, wind speeds greater than 7 on Beaufort Scale. Upwind points become an incredible challenge. Hey I saw Sergei huck one at Conference farther than any living man. It blew across the field, down the hill, rolled pass the huge parking lot and ended up in Waterloo. 

Who is Sergei anyway?

Mom and Dad could you send me another $100?

IHUC would like to thank all the parents for their support, financial, emotional, and physical. From team dinners to gallons of gatoraide you just kept giving. Thanks for those who drove flew or hiked across the country to support us! And mom's thanks for your own special cheer! "Let's do this thing!" "Let's do this thing!"

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joe zaelda North central

Under Water Over Wind

2011 Central Regionals were held in beautiful Appleton  Wisconsin. Wait strike that; those fields were under water. Move it to Madision (it's closer to Iowa City anyway) .

We loved climbing the barbwire when the wind took the disc

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The Legend of Zelda

The green Zelda Jerseys were a great look for IHUC

Who were those brave young men in the Zelda greens? See the Roster

Zelda Ocarnia

The Legend of Zelda

Pool Champions

As a gentle breeze blew through Madison (See 8 on beaufort scale) IHUC wins its Pool on Saturday but falls to Carleton in the Semi.

The team caught fire on Sunday, beating Luther, and then IHUC crushed  Minnesota and  beat Carleton to take 2nd!

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No Central Respect

The blogosphere was abuzz - those Guys don't deserve 4 Bids!

Why not - the North Central a perfect 8-0 on the first day at National's, beating great seeds Pitt, Florida,

Heck  3 of the teams were perfect against non-North Central competion (18-0) -- That's right IHUC and Hodag's only losses were to North Central champion Cut.  Hey I think a fifth bid would have landed a very capable Grey Duck in Boulder. 

shark in the sky North central

Can U Sky?

Shark in the Water!

 Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

IHUC members would continue to sky over the mountain tops in their 2011 National Pool Play

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Nationals Finals History

Apocalypse No

En Sabah Nur the Pitt Ultimate team entered the tournament the #1 Seed. Priding themselves on their D it would be IHUC whose Defense would reign supreme. IHUC 14-12

IHUC photos1
IHUC photos 2
IHUC photos 3
IHUC photos 4

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Skyd recap of Game

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That's no Grinnelephant!

Elephantitis disc work is familiar to IHUC just Down the road are our good friends and friendly competitors who were in D III. But this was a different set of pachaderms. These tough Tufts took us to Universe point

IHUC 14-13

IHUC photos1
IHUC photos 2
IHUC photos 3
IHUC photos 4

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Oh Baby You Got What I Need!

And You say he's just a friend
Oh baby You, you got what I need
 but you say he's just a friend


Our Coach is the Best Man

Were you playing "Where's Ryan?" at Nattys?
Sadly he was not there. Neither was Jimmy Wiesbrook. Jimmy was just north hucking rocks. Ryan Nation was best man at his brothers wedding. Substitute in Mike Denardis UI Alum UNC Ultimate coach, along with Jake Bradley and Andrew Edwards; their coaching prowess aided a great IHUC run.
 (By the way Nation we saw a hundred turkeys on the ride home)

Border Brawl

Our cross border friends and rivals the University of Illinois Ultimate Club faced us in Pool play in a rematch of the 2010 hotly contested pool game. IHUC pulled away early but Chillini kept their cool and would not go away with out a fight. (By the way Illinois you guys had the 2nd loudest sidelines in the tourney - 2nd only to our great fans!) IHUC 15-10

IHUC photos1
IHUC photos 2
IHUC photos 3
IHUC photos 4

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What's up Wasabi?

Colorado College came in hot.
And a lot of experts in the blogosphere picked them over IHUC.  This was IHUC's first game on the Showcase Field 1. Home state favorite Colorado had a huge cheering section. IHUC already guaranteed, a Quarterfinal appearance rested some, but Wasabi made the action hot. IHUC 15-12

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IHUC photos1
IHUC photos 2
IHUC photos 3

It's the Huckeye State

The state of Iowa is ranked 30th in population But it was #1 in Nationals teams.

Congrats to LUFDA, IHUC, Saucy Nancy and Woman Scorned for 4 great teams!

If you huck it they will come.

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Will you ever Quit?


we want some mo!
we want some mo!
we want some mo!

Little Iowa City

The Big Blue tent kept us cool. And gathred around it were Hucititus teammates, alumni, Saucy, relatives, fans and friends
Thank you all who gave us the greatest sidelines.


There is no Room for Ego

Selfless play and true team effort took IHUC to the Semi Finals. A great run from Blackout Sunday at regionals to the semis at Nats, a streak of 8 straight wins. The Oregon game was a great contest including a spectacular layout D by Oregon that was turned into a spectacular layout point by Baby J.
IHUC 15-10

IHUC photos1
IHUC photos 2
IHUC photos 3

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The Cruelest Cut of all

An elbow to the face and a broken nose for Prookie, Shark tackled in the endzone, TMF's flying everywhere, IHUC would not give in, but kudos to Carleton who played a better game this day.

CUT 15-10

IHUC photos1
IHUC photos 2
IHUC photos 3

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Saucy team Cut team

Those girls are Hot!

Hot and Spicy Saucy Nancy gave great support to our boys.

Congrats Saucy on 5th at nationals


Robyn's Blog on Nationals

Thank You Seniors

Back to Back National Tourney appearances. 9th in 2010, 3rd Place in 2011 We will miss your  camaraderie and spirit.

Newly minted Alumni - Welcome to the IHUC Nation

Photos No Wisconsequinces 08

Photos1 No Wisconsequinces 09
Photos2 No Wisconsequinces 09
Photos3 No Wisconsequinces 09

Photos White Smoke 2010

Photos from 2010 Nationals

Central Region Weather

It was a beautiful three days in Boulder. Sunny, mild and gentle breezes The championship game meeting between North Central Wisconsin Hodags and Carleton Cut meant the North Central Winds had to blow. Huge gusts just before the game brought crashing speakers, and falling tents. Our prayers are with the injured.

IHUC Summary of Nationals 2011

Recap of Tourney at Skyd

  North Central ,#1 #2 #3 and #13 - not bad.


The 2012 Season Starts Now


As we have seen; the road to Nationals 2012 goes through the toughest region in the Country to get back will take outstanding effort and dedication 

Picture Courtesy of Short Family